C &C Apothecary Review

Okay so for Christmas my boyfriends mom and sister got me this little gift box with different face masks from their friend’s Etsy shop C&C Apothecary.

Let me tell you, I am OBSESSED with these products! The masks all come in powder form and you mix them with a little bit of water, or a face oil, or a liquid mask you want to mix in or whatever else you want to use. Then you wait for it to completely dry before removing. I have tried four different ones and each one makes my skin feel soft, clean and healthy. They all smell very earthy because the ingredients are all natural and things you can pronounce.

My favorite is the Dragons Blood mask. It has ingredients in it that heal acne and have done wonders for my skin when I’m slacking on eating well and my face is suffering (like over the holidays!)

I will definitely be stocking up on these forever and trying some more of her products. Visit her Etsy page here to try some things out, they are super affordable!