My #1 Mascara

My lashes [like my hair] are thin, straight and light. My eyes look tiny without mascara and for the longest time I have been trying brand after brand to find the perfect fit.

[The photo above is BEFORE applying, by the way!]

AT LAST! I finally found my #1 mascara!

Benefit Roller Lash is amazing for my little baby lashes. The brush is very skinny and firm with small rubber tips that help grab each of my little lashes to coat it with a nice layer. Its shape is also meant to help curl the lashes upward while it lengthens.

Now I do have a bit of a confession / trick I like to use. I HATE new mascara.  know I’m crazy, but seriously, a fresh new mascara is always messy and clumpy on my lashes. When I get a new tube, I won’t use it right away but will open it a few times. Then when its a little thicker, it sticks to my lashes better without over-loading them with product.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite mascara is and what tips and tricks you have!

Shop Benefit below 🙂