Skin Care Staples

Over the past year I have really been trying to focus on getting my skin in peak condition so I can wear less makeup on my face. I have always dealt with combination skin living in AZ where the air is very dry but the summers feel like an oven and make you sweat in seconds of being outside. First thing first, is hydrate! I have made a big effort to drink more water and stay hydrated from the inside first.

I have realized that not just any products work for me and my skin can get very sensitive and red if using products that are too harsh. Below are a few products I have been using for months now and have really seen a difference in the tone, texture and clarity of my skin.

Cetaphil cleanser is a cult favorite in Hollywood and for a good reason. This stuff is so gentle and feels so nice on your skin! I really don’t like the tight, “squeaky clean” feeling that foaming cleansers give as I feel as though they strip my skin of moisture. Cetaphil does not strip anything but really gets into your pores and cleans your skin while leaving it nice and moisturized.

For exfoliation, I do not like using grainy products because they make my skin really red and inflamed so I have been using the Skin Inc Pure revival peel twice a week to remove dead skin and  leaves my skin so smooth and prepped for serum and moisturizer. [I will be doing a whole post about my experience with a few of the Skin Inc products including this one very soon!] I also like to use a mask every other week, and will switch between the Herbivore Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask and the Whish Renewing Mud mask. Both are great for sensitive skin and help exfoliate to reveal new, glowing skin.

At night I use the Herbivore Lapis Oil to help calm any redness and keep blemishes at bay. It smells amazing and absorbs so quickly. I also use the Omega Oil from Holy Grail Beauty at night and in the morning as my moisturizer and my skin never feels too greasy or dry.

In the morning, I use a jade roller [pictured in first photo] to ease redness and puffiness under my eyes. It’s like a mini massage for your skin and feels cool and amazing.

I am always looking for new products to try out, as long as they are safe for sensitive skin and always looking to make my skin better than before.  Shop all these items below, leave a comment about your favorite skincare products or any questions about these! ☺